Tips To Find a Reliable London locksmith

Tips To Find a Reliable London locksmith

If you want to entrust a London locksmith with the job of installing all the locks of your house, then you have to be very sure about its reliability. After all, a person who has the key to your front door can very well set up a well planned robbery attempt. But since professional locksmiths have a job to do, you can trust them implicitly with the security of your home. But you need to assure yourself first by conducting a research on the company and also by asking for a few references. You need to take certain steps before you hire a locksmith service so that you don’t have to worry about their trustworthiness.

Search for a Locksmith In Advance

It is quite possible that you may lock yourself out or lose your keys by accident. But before you think of calling in a London locksmith, it is always better to be prepared for these eventualities. You can keep a spare key under the doormat or in a flower pot which is nor quite visible to the eye. But doing this can be risky too as thieves are quite adept at finding out these hidden locations and you will be in trouble. In fact, calling in a good locksmith is a better idea but you need to assure yourself about the dependability of the locksmith first. A research will help you locate an affordable locksmith in your area which can help you at any time during the day.

Go For Experience

When you look for a London locksmith, you should find out certain facts about the company which will help you have confidence in it. Choose an experienced company which has been in business in the area for some time and is well known in the locality. Fraudulent companies always tend to keep a low profile. Make sure that the locksmith service has a proper office in your area and is not just a wandering service on wheels. It must also have a proper license from the right authority. The workers should have an ID card recognized by the rightful associations.

High Profile Service

Look out for conspicuous advertisements of a London locksmith service in the local newspapers. A good locksmith will certainly try to attract attention by advertising prominently. And you can be sure that a company which spends a huge sum on advertisement cannot be a fraud. These locksmiths will also have their names registered in the Yellow Pages. Don’t contact any company which does not have the right kind of publicity.

Listen To Your Sixth Sense

We are all gifted with a sixth sense which somehow lets us know when the going is getting to be rough. If you are not satisfied with the behavior of the workmen in the company or get unpleasant vibes when you see them, then it is better to avoid them too. In most cases, you will find that your feeling was right. To be doubly sure about the locksmith service, you should see their qualifications and ask about the insurance details. A good London locksmith will surely be able to meet all your requirements and be able to satisfy you.

Ken Crouvc is the director of providing a quality affordable service for clients who need a London locksmith. He believes that a London locksmith can help provide a secure home.

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Bumper Stickers Are a Point of View

Bumper Stickers Are a Point of View

People across the country have all kinds of hobbies involving sports, collectibles, books, movies and even bumper stickers. Bumper stickers, as evidenced by their name, are stickers placed on the bumpers of motor vehicles. They aren’t always only placed on the bumpers though. Some people place bumper stickers all over their truck, their doors, their hood and even their windows. Bumper sticker collecting is a hobby in and of itself that people enjoy adding to. Sometimes bumper stickers are collected for the sole purpose of keeping them in a scrapbook or notebook and not using them on a car at all.

There are people that are so enamored with their bumper sticker collection that they cover every single inch of their car with bumper stickers. From the front bumper all the way to the rear bumper and every piece of vehicle in between, bumper sticker fanatics love to plaster their cars with these stickers that describe hobbies or favorite sports teams.

Bumper stickers:

• Political ads
• Quotes
• Sports teams
• Hobbies such as hunting, fishing, snowboarding and water skiing
• Religion
• Favorite actors
• Favorite movies
• Favorite television shows
• How’s my driving for commercial vehicles
• Country flags or slogans
• Gay or lesbian pride
• Ethnic pride

Bumper stickers have been used for as long as automobiles have been around and express a philosophical point of view or a humorous point of view as well. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and languages. People also place bumper stickers on their cars to show loyalty to their alma mater whether it be in high school or college. Other bumper stickers advertise a business or a place of vacation like OBX (the Outer Banks) or OCNJ (Ocean City, New Jersey).

The problem with bumper stickers though is that when they are used in excess, the car can lose its value with all of the ‘decorations’ all over it. Bumper stickers can be difficult to remove without pulling off some of the paint with them. Goo gone, citrus based, is a good product to use when removing a bumper sticker from a car without having the paint ripped off with it.

Bumper stickers can sometimes cause road rage incidents in this ever changing world. People who display their character, individuality, personality and/or opinions through bumper stickers often cause problems with other drivers. People, since the dawn of time, have had their own opinions about different topics and like to express them in their own way, sometimes in a violent manner. People reading bumper stickers on the roads can become incensed with a certain political stance or belief about religion and take it into their own hands to express their individual thoughts by following the other driver and even trying to run them off the road.

Bumper stickers are one of the oldest collection hobbies in the country and even the world. They help people express their interests, loves, hobbies and opinions in a different way than speaking about them. Bumper stickers speak for people without saying anything. They are also considered a piece of artwork.

Auto Transport Made Easy Repeat Customer Auto Shipping

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One of the most common products in every office is the A4 or letter sized notepaper and if it is customized its called Letterhead.  Since personal computers and domestic printers became so popular – modern housekeeping include A4 sheets too.

There is an international standard for wording a business like document. It goes like this:


Firm name and “Logo”.

Department / Branch / Sector



Title, Name.

Phones and E-Mail



Firm, Title, Name, and other details.



 Topic: So and so

(reference of correspondence)


The letter text





Name, Title

Means of getting contact with


The Bold letters are repeating in every letter. Working with word processor enables us to prepare in advance a blanked model (template) of  such a formal document and upload it to our screen each time we want to fill it with various contents. Then we’ll save it under a new name in order to use the template again for other letters, and so on. Such working mode has two disadvantages:


The sequence of actions described above is cumbersome and inconvenient. It will do once or twice but then, in the heat of intense office burden, one will make the “finger mistake” and save a letter under the template file name and will have to design the template from scratch.


We all know how expensive are the ink heads of ink jet printers or the toner and developer of laser printers. The more you’ll use them to print constantly repeating information the faster you’ll have to replace them with new ones. There is much less expensive solution.

Because of the reasons mentioned above administrators prefer ordering letterhead templates from an on line printing site. It’s cheaper when it comes to a lot of letters and heavy printings like we have in big organizations. Designing such a template is an art of itself:


Using the right paper. Simple every day letters can be printed on simple standard 100 gr white paper. But special letters can be printed on much more reach materials. Environment preservers can find recycled paper and so on.


Backgrounding. Generally we’ll use white background, especially for the wording section. But there are organizations which ask for single pale color to let the printed words be clearly readable. The color will be associated with the firm “Logo” or its recognized flag. Some ask for “water printing” of the firm “Logo”. Few ask for special backgrounding like sea waves, gray forest, desert dunes, and so on.


The headline. Designed like the firm’s business card: “Logo”, name, slogan and then the specific official, rank, status, department, title, duty, job or whatever the letterhead user, the one who is going to sign his name below, is doing. Add means of communication and how to get contact and you gained a “free business card’ because the receivers probably will file the document and keep all your details if they’ll need your services again.


At the bottom it is customary to mention all the firm departments or branches with their phones, addresses and E-Mails.


Letterhead is a trivial, elementary and taken for granted product and yet, if you want to turn it into another mean of advertising and promoting – spend some time, money and efforts – visit an online printing site and order some.

MOJO is an internet business company, providing online marketing solutions to projects in various niches like online radio, download torrent and free business cards. MOJO is also specializing in internet business management applications

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What He Wants From Love ? He Falls Hard When?

What He Wants From Love ? He Falls Hard When?

When you are seeing someone, do you often wonder what he wants?  How can you tell what he’s thinking?  Do you need some help understanding what motivates a man to get into a relationship?  Sometimes what he wants is fairly simple, once you understand a few ideas.

He wants someone he respects. Guys are attracted to women that they can both admire and relate to.  Women who can share their opinions and be true to themselves without being overbearing are usually very attractive to men.

So, don’t be afraid to show off your best qualities.  It’s perfectly ok to disagree, in a respectful way, with his tastes and opinions.  Guys would rather have a spunky girl around than a doormat.

He wants someone who doesn’t need him. This seems to be a hard concept for some women, although it comes naturally to others.  Men do want to feel loved and appreciated just as much as women do.  But they don’t want someone who is clingy.

There is a big difference between falling for a guy and making him the center of your universe.  If you are a person with a full life, you will be what he wants.  If you depend on him to fill your emotional needs and your time, you will turn him off.

He wants you both to enjoy each other. Women tend to place more importance on finding someone to settle down with, while men want to meet someone to make their lives more enjoyable.  Guys would rather be with a fun girl who can hang out with them, than someone who treats relationships like a project with marriage and kids as the goal.

Don’t be so caught up in making the relationship happen that you forget to live in the moment.  Simply enjoying his company will be more fulfilling in both the short and the long term than looking for husband material.

It sometimes seems like finding a good relationship can be almost impossible.  But if you can understand what he wants, you are more likely to get what you want.

Imagine what if you could make any man adore you, chase you, love you, and commit to you? Click Unforgettable Woman Advice and learn 77 Secrets that 99% of women have never heard. You have got to see this!

This article is contributed by Tina Jones from the Unforgettable Woman Publishing Team. She works together with founder Alexandra Fox and writes dating/relationship articles for women. You can find more about Unforgettable Woman Publishing by visiting their website.

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Jason Begg Smith Jason Begg-Smith – Australia at the 2006 Winter Olympics

Jason Begg Smith Jason Begg-Smith – Australia at the 2006 Winter Olympics

Australia’s sixteenth Winter Olympics will be in 2006, at Turin, Italy. 40 athletes will represent Australia, 9 more than the previous record in 1960 and almost double the size of recent teams. 10 of the 15 sports will be contested by Australians. Image File history File links Flag_of_Australia. … Image File history File links Flag_of_Australia. … Flag ratio: 1:2 The Australian Flag at full mast. … NOC symbol of Australia This is a copyrighted and/or trademarked logo. … A runner carries the Olympic torch The Winter Olympic Games, Winter Olympics for short but more correctly The Olympic Winter Games, are the cold-weather counterpart to the Summer Olympic Games. … Turin (Italian: ; Piedmontese: Turin) is a major industrial city in north-western Italy, capital of the Piedmont region, located mainly on the west bank of the Po River. …

The squad was announced on January 25, 2006, with the proviso that a few positions were subject to legal appeals and FIS points publication. January 25 is the 25th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. … 2006 (MMVI in Roman) is a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar. … The International Ski Federation/Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS) is the main international organisation of ski sports. …

For the first time, Australia set a goal of winning a medal. [1] In freestyle skiing, medal hopes include aerial skiers Alisa Camplin, Jacqui Cooper, and Lydia Ierodiaconou. Favourite Dale Begg-Smith won gold in moguls skiing. [2] Torah Bright was rated as a medal chance in snowboarding half-pipe,[2] but came fifth. Damon Hayler was rated as a medal chance in snowboarding[3] but came seventh. Michelle Steele, who less than two years ago was a beach flag sprinter, was seen as a medal possibility in skeleton[4], but inexperience with the intimidating and technical track [5] contributed to her coming 13th. As only 8 teams compete in men’s short track speed skating relay, Australia had a good chance of getting a medal in the event, [6] but they did not make it into the A final.


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Patriotism, Love of Country or Perhaps Serving Those in Government?

Patriotism, Love of Country or Perhaps Serving Those in Government?

I have always considered patriotism to be something that has little place outside of sports but before I touch upon that I would like to make an attempt at defining what exactly is patriotism. Patriotism as a dictionary would say is love of one’s country but what exactly does this in my opinion vague explanation mean in practice? We can say that love is a strong feeling of affection one person can have for his or her children or the person he or she is married to. This love can manifest itself in many ways but predominantly share the main goal which is to provide that person with joy and happiness.


However if the subject is one’s country what precisely is it that one is supposed to be loving when one loves a country? Should one love the landscape, that comprises one’s country which may come in the form of mountains, beaches and trees even if what be found in one’s country be not all that much different then in other countries? Or perhaps one should love the people of one’s country not because one has a personal relationship with them in the form that they have in their personality what we look to have in those we call friends but for the mere coincidence that one was born within the same geopolitical boundaries they were? Or is patriotism really about supporting the decisions made by those in government regardless of weather one may agree with them or not? In other words “my country, right or wrong!”.


I believe in my personal opinion if no one else’s that patriotism for the sake of itself toward any nation on earth is an act absurdity to such degree that I do not even know what to compare it to. First of all if we look at this from a purely logical point of view; are not nations created to serve man and not the other way around? Nations by this I mean government so with this in mind I ask is there a point to serving a nation which does not serve its people?


A German philosopher, once stated and was repeated by Kennedy in his statement that said “ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country” but then again is not the purpose of the country or should it not be the purpose of a country to serve its citizens? If this be the case then why should people “do for their country” if that country is not doing for them and if they stand not to benefit as a society or even as individuals? In the case of the United States it was during the war in Vietnam that Kennedy quoted this statement to get men to go fight to defend a country that was not a democracy as we know it from becoming even less democratic then it already was. Communism had to be stopped as the fall of Vietnam would lead to a domino effect though most of the countries in the area had already succumbed to it but for some reason making a stance in Vietnam which eventually failed would make a big difference in the large scheme of issues. 


I have traveled to many a country during my time and have witnessed many an attempt by to ferment patriotism which to a large extent though perhaps a slightly exaggerated one I would consider to be brainwashing. For instance; not that it ever troubled me much as I never considered it a sacrifice but a slight annoyance that in the United States people are “forced” to stand up for the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner” before the start of every sporting event. Actually with regards to this I must confess never to have taken note of this till one day my brother-in-law from Spain asked me why it was the case. I really did not know what to say at the time as to the reason thinking it a natural act so I asked him if this was not the case in Spain to which he replied that it was but only when the sporting event involved a team from another country. For instance if the Spanish national football team were playing against that of another country then and only then would the national anthems of both countries be played. This however was never done when it involved local teams even should it be on a professional level much less on any other as is the occurrence in the United States where even when infants play sports, one is required to stand and listen. Now, it even strikes me as being strange that a man who was born and raised in a country run by Francisco Franco found this to be overdoing it.     


After this I marked how the United States was actually the only country in the world that held this practice of playing their national anthem before sporting events as no where else did I see this. When it comes to creating feelings of patriotism or attempting to do so the United States also has other ways which are unique as is making it compulsory for all elementary school students to stand up and repeat every morning as if mechanically the slogan that starts “I pledge alliance to the flag of the United States of America” and ends “and justice for all”.  As for these last words; I though not a fan of this sort of music am aware that they were used as the title to one of the albums by the heavy metal band “Metallica”.


If the subject be one of forcing or attempting to persuade people to feeling passionate about their country then the United States is not alone in what I would consider to be such useless gestures in order to implement sentiments that to my way of thinking are futile. For instance it is in countries such as Poland, Peru, and Argentina where I was informed during my visits that those who live in houses are told to put up the national flag on certain holidays with those who refrain from doing so being finned. Of course this practice is surpassed in North Korea where one can and will be imprisoned if one does not have in one’s place of residence a portrait of the so called “great leader”. The concept of portraits of leaders was also to be found in the Soviet Union were during my visit in 1988 my eyes never failed to locate in hotel lobbies and other public buildings the ever present face of Lenin.


On the lighter side of this it is my memory that will never rid itself of the image that I took in Chile on a national holiday when I turned on the television to see that seven of the eight local channels (both public and private) were broadcasting a military parade that was taking place that day in Santiago. It is not that in the US one will not see a presidential Address to the nation transmitted on every channel (other then cable) but a military parade on almost every channel is a bit ridiculous to my taste.


With regards to the United States however it at least does offer one more freedom with regards to certain matters such as one is not required to place a flag on one’s home under threat of fine or worse and furthermore one is even guaranteed the constitutional right to burn the flag in acts of apparent protest.  On a private matter however I think it would also be gratifying if “classical American” art did not have to be so geared toward patriotism. When referring to American art I have in mind musical pieces like “Stars and Stripes” and paintings were the never ending war glorifying theme along with “Ole Glory” (American national flag) are as if a must to anything that is to be considered American art.


Patriotism however to a large extent has changed in recent years to include less harmful tactics then sending people to fight wars though also inane practices such as attempts to make one purchase products because they be made in one’s country though those made in another may be lower in price and higher in quality. It always being with the argument that one has an obligation to support those factories that be in one’s country though strangely enough in America a lot of the so called “American products” are not even made in the US while those that are imported are. This “trend” if such it can be called has even gone on to include “consumerism” in America where in the latest financial crises people are being told that going out and buying as much as possible is now the “patriotic” thing to do along with watching sports of boredom such as baseball.  


In a sense I as an American can state that if we think of how the United States was formed or more why it was formed; this was in part because the then colonies were being taxed by the British Crown (George II) without having representation in the British Parliament more then feelings of wanting to have a country. With regards to nations it is in my view ideals that comprise the essence of what they are which if they be freedom of the individual and the defense of those basic rights that for the most part are considered human then those nations are those that should be defended but never loosing sight that it is the ideals of the nation not the nation in and itself that merits such actions. When I say ideals I mean concepts of freedom that uphold human dignity and not merely symbols such as flags or leaders because if one really thinks the matter over; it is when a nation defends those principals that it becomes worth making sacrifices for but if the nation does such then it is not the nation that one supports but those ideals which be not of nation but of humanity.

My name is Gianni Truvianni, I am an author who writes with the simple aim of sharing his ideas, thoughts and so much more of what I am with those who are interested in perhaps reading something new. As for the details regarding my life I would say that there is nothing that lifts them above the ordinary. I was born in New York City in 1967 on May 21st and am presently living in Warsaw, Poland where I wrote my first book “New York’s Opera Society” now Available on Amazon.

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Watch Live Chicago Cubs vs Houston Astros online Internet Streaming on 27 th July[On Air Now]

Watch Live Chicago Cubs vs Houston Astros online Internet Streaming on 27 th July[On Air Now]

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Watch Live Chicago Cubs vs Houston Astros online Internet Streaming on 27 th July[On Air Now].

United States

The Major Baseball League (MLB) live from the USA. Watching is worth it!

Chicago Cubs vs Houston Astros

Match scheduled:
Date: 27-07-2010
Time:00:05 until 03:15
MLB Regular Season 2010

Get the best online baseball coverage on the net and watch live TV directly on your PC! Our software gives you instant access to nationwide matches and highlights from the regular season or playoffs! Watch all the excitement of the Pennant race in High Quality Definition! See you who wins the Wild Card birth and watch your favorite teams every step of the way as they compete in the World Series.

TV Player Features
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All you need is your PC and an internet connection – no additional hardware is required. After a simple, 5 minute installation process you’ll begin hours of entertainment with thousands of channels to choose from. No more boxes, codes, or cable connections needed – our Online TV Player is entirely hassle-free!


“Your software helped turn my PC into another TV! I can even watch the game from my PC at work or on my laptop! Now I get baseball coverage whenever and wherever I want!”

-Jim T (Jacksonville, Florida)

“I’m really impressed by the High Quality Definition streams of this TV Player. With important games coming up, you’ve got to have crystal clear coverage! Your TV player really is ideal. Thanks!”

-Steve K (Boston, Massachusetts)

“This was so easy to setup I’ll never go back to satellite. It literally took 4 minutes to complete the process! Why would I go back to satellite!? Great work guys!”

-Mark S (Atlanta, Georgia)


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Rainbow Party Ware – Solid Colour Party Supplies

Rainbow Party Ware – Solid Colour Party Supplies

Be it a birthday or a baby shower, solid colours can never go stale and drab. Colourful 3-D decor is the name of the game and it is an exciting one. Besides, there is no more the need to prepare them yourself. Solid colour party supplies are available in real as well as virtual (online) stores – ready for your purchase.

How to choose the colours:

The first step to ascertain which solid colour party supplies to buy would be the selection of the right colour. Colours are a mirror of one’s temperament and mood. Red is for passion, pink for romance, orange for energy, yellow for sunshine an purple for royalty. Make your choice – will it be an ice blue or a passionate red or a demure pink- the VIBGYOR is the limit. Choosing the right colour for your party is as entertaining as painting your house! Unusual colours like royal blue, citrus orange, lilac bloom, aqua blue are also available – but perhaps a trained colour specialist may be required to advise you regarding them. The following guidelines may prove helpful:

1. 75th wedding anniversary – gold
2. 25th wedding anniversary – silver
3. Girl baby shower- pink -
4. Boy baby shower – blue
5. Girl birthday parties – pink, older girls — hot pink
6. Boy birthday parties – blue- older boys — navy blue
7. Match the colours according to your party theme: Scooby doo – brown, Hannah Montana – hot pink etc.

Once the choice of colour is done the hunt for the different solid colour party supplies begin.

Look for the following tableware and party decorations in the colours you desire:

Party Essentials:
1. Cups
2. Napkins
3. Dessert plates – square and round
4. Dinner plates – square and round
5. Plastic bowls
6. Spoons, forks and knives.
7. Round tableware
8. Rectangle tableware
9. Table skirts
10. Place mats
11. Crepe Streamers
12. Curl ribbons
13. Solid colour balloons

More than the Rainbow colours:
Other popular colours include celery green, lilac bloom, wine red and simply purple – these are not as common as the others, but are vivid and classy – they can set the mood right in any party. Boys love citrus orange and royal blue while girls adore pink and yellow. All these colours can be obtained from solid colour party supplies catalogs.

Colours can be used in combinations also. For more vividness, go for two or three colours. Personalization can be done by printing cartoon characters or personal messages on the supplies.

Special Baby shower confetti:
Solid colour party supplies can also be bought for baby shower confetti. Cute toddlers, baby words, fish, umbrellas and several other themes may be used to make confetti. Colours used may be baby pink or blue and pastel shades of yellow. The confetti may be spread on the tables or centerpieces or hung from the walls.

An easy way to decorate your party scene:
Solid colour supplies are an easy option for party themes and decorations. They are readily available and are easy to put together. If you are in a hurry and need a quick party theme, these come in handy. They serve to accentuate your party theme however exotic they might be. They are easy on your purse as well.

For the DIY group, personalized solid colour party supplies may be created by themselves using own raw materials. Make a group effort of it – sit with friends and kin and create curl ribbons, plates, cups and streamers. Let your imagination on a loose reign and see what wild colour combination’s you can come up with.

These are also a grand choice for party games. Something that can be quickly prepared and used to bond family and friends big time during parties are a great idea – maybe something like baby shower solid colour supplies.

Choose from a variety of themes that suit your needs:

1. Pooh’s Birthday party
2. Disney Princess
3. Minnie Mouse’s Clubhouse
4. Barnyard bash
5. Red wagon Birthday
6. Garden Fairy
7. Baby Einstein
8. Jungle Buddies

Individual items come with their own prices. For instance:
8 solid colour balloons –
Confetti – .5
Tableware cups –

They are economical and child friendly. They are basically made of paper but the plastic versions are also available.

Solid colour party supplies are an easy way of organising your party. They are readily available. They lend themselves to your style of creating and decoration ideas. You can trust them to bring your party alive with radiant colours.

Raymond Plona is a leading expert in party planning and his store provides all forms of birthday party balloons for all your party needs. Some of his products includetheme party supplies, children’s educational toys, birthday party balloons and many more.

EDIT: Sunday, April 12th – Two things: 1. Happy Easter :-) 2. The viewcount…it’s over nine-THOUSAAAAND!!!! ======================================== Uploaded in honor of my B-Day. (October 16th) PLOT: Frankie needs to cook for all five mouths in the house, but the Taxman threatens her with her life to get streamers. The clock is ticking…can she get the streamers in time?!?? (Part two will be uploaded prob’ly within the week; I did both parts at least a month ago.) SOURCES USED: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends episode “Store Wars” The Beatles songs “Helter Skelter”, “Twist and Shout”, “Taxman”, “Birthday” They Might Be Giants – “My Evil Twin”, “Dinner Bell” The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog ep “Lovesick Sonic” Super Mario World ep “Mama Luigi” Nelly – “Hot in Herre” Shakugan no Shana ep “The Lit Flame” Super Smash Bros. Brawl Link: The Faces of Evil DBZ “Over 9000″ clip Chip Skylark – “My Shiny Teeth and Me” Meryl Streep – “Money Money Money”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Lewis Hamilton Wins at the Brickyard!

Lewis Hamilton Wins at the Brickyard!

Anybody interested in F1 racing is interested in McLaren team rookie Lewis Hamilton, and with good reason. The young racing phenomenon has just made history, again, as the first black Formula One racer to win the Indianapolis Grand Prix this past Father’s Day weekend in sweltering Indianapolis, Indiana. At 22 years old, this gifted and immensely popular driver has become a favorite in F1 racing circles around the globe.

After taking first place at the running of the Canadian Grand Prix just the week before in Montreal, Hamilton is fast making an impression in the minds of racers and fans alike as being the poster boy for racing success, panache and charm in the world of asphalt, screeching tires and checkered flags. Followed by his McLaren-Mercedes teammate, Fernando Alonso, who took second, third and his usual competitors, Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen of the Ferrari racing team, captured fourth place.

Both Hamilton and Alonso made repeated attempts to maintain the lead over each other, and then Hamilton pulled ahead and stayed there for the duration, though it was by no means an easy feat as he fought to maintain his lead not only over his teammate, but Massa, racing for Ferrari and Nick Heidfeld, driving for BMW Sauber and Keikki Kovalainen racing for Renault.

The Indianapolis Speedway, known as the Indy 500 around the world and fondly known as ‘The Brickyard’ to those who know racing, is the oldest surviving racetrack in the world. Built in 1908, the track, filled with history (and potholes), was originally laid with more than three million bricks, hence it’s nickname.

On any approach to the track less than 10 miles from the center of the city, huge grandstands are the first thing that catch the eye of fans visiting the giant complex that fills the senses with history, excitement and action. The roar of revving engines vies with the roars of the crowd, filled with excited fans from around the world that come every year to witness an event that is second only to the F1 race on the streets of Monte Carlo.

Fans flocked to the Brickyard to see a great race, and a great race is what they got. Watching young Hamilton is like watching horse racing’s favorite son, Willie Shoemaker, race to the finish. Hamilton is fast making a name for himself that will lead to icon status and a secure place in Formula One racing history.

“What a dream!” Hamilton said of his win at Indianapolis. “The last 15 laps seemed a lifetime, but I was in the lead, I was able to do it, and I’m very emotional now.”

Emotional is right. It’s difficult to ascertain who’s more excited about this win, Hamilton or his growing number of fans. Regardless of who’s more excited, fans are definitely keeping their eyes on Hamilton for his upcoming race in France. Stay tuned, folks. This young man is just getting started.

For more information about the annual Monaco Grand Prix, including a report on this year’s race and future dates visit

As well as the Monaco Grand Prix, the guide includes hotel in Monaco information plus a section about how to learn Italian and photographs of the casino in Monte Carlo.

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How can I make him Stop Cheating on Me?

How can I make him Stop Cheating on Me?

If you are being cheated on by your guy you probably find yourself asking “how can I make him stop cheating on me?” often. It’s not a question that any woman wants to ask but one that definitely needs to be asked if you really want to save your relationship.

There are things you can do that will greatly reduce if not eliminate altogether the urge your man has to cheat. Don’t you wish you could make other women invisible to your husband?

Here are a few things you can do that will place a protective shield, of sorts, around your husband so that other women will have a much harder time attracting him than ever before.

Make Your Home a Haven

If he’s in a hurry to rush home every night the odds are good that there will be no time, energy, or inclination for him to cheat. There’s no better way to make your cheating husband stop than to remove his incentive for doing so.

For the average man escape is that incentive. Make your home the place he wants to be and he’ll find it hard to risk endangering his happy home.

How do you make your home his safe haven?

Reduce noise and clutter. These are two things that will drive him absolutely insane at the end of a long day of work.
Give him a break from nagging. Men do not want to be reminded of their shortcomings and nagging to him is you telling him he isn’t good enough. He wants to be your hero – someone you respect and admire.
Become the other woman to add a little excitement and spice. You don’t have to do things that go against your grain but a little acting and flirting can add a new level of intensity to his satisfaction and affection for you.

But how will this make him stop cheating on me?

Believe it or not, making him deliriously happy at home and living up to the marriage he always envisioned will help your marriage and his commitment to you more than anything else.

That does not mean you need to become a doormat or leave your opinions behind. It just means that if you have to learn how to choose your battles wisely.

When you learn to give him all the things he needs, some of the things he wants, and show him the respect he needs from you, your marriage will be happier and he will be much less inclined to cheat on you.

Even if you’ve already broken up over his cheating it isn’t too late to get your ex back. As long as you both love each other it will never be too late.


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