Would a year of work experience at Six Flags be efficient for landing a job at WDW or Universal Studios?

I realize that Six Flags is a lower caliber to either of these parks, but I’m going to start working at Six Flags next week and working through until the season ends. I really want to work at Universal Studios, particularly the Harry Potter Theme Park coming up in July of 2010. Do you think this will be enough, or should I work a few summers at Six Flags before attempting this? I’m just out of academy, by the way, and only have waitressing experience.

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Where do I get Never Shout Never tickets for July 21st 2009 at the Six Flags in Jackson, NJ?

I really want them but every site I look on totally skips that date. Maybe they are sold out? I don’t think so cause they still are selling tickets for days before that.

Also, for a concert is in Six Flags do you need to buy a ticket for SF and one for the concert or just one for the concert?

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how to get to six flags from Newhall metrolink station?

I’m going to six flags and I’m taking the metrolink I’m getting off at newhall station does anyone know how to get to six flags from newhall metrolink station? Either walking or using the bus would be fine? I need to know by Wednesday night or Thursday morning thanks.

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How to get from Cal State Northridge to Six flags magic mountain using public transportation?

I currently dorm at cal state northridge and I want to go to six flags since its rather close (10 miles or so). I dont have a car since i dorm and google doesn’t display all bus companys

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Do you remember after 911 happened and the country came to attention?

There were people attaching the American flag to any part of their cars to prove to the world that Americans love our country and that we stand together as one nation to support one another.

I recalled tonight as I was thinking about to that time. That the fire trucks all had huge American flags waving in the wind as they drove down the streets, people’s pride in our country. It
choked me up to see those huge flags waving like a banner.

That day of 911 we all came together as a country, there was no one looking at one another as if they did not belong. Nope we were one Nation under God indivisible with Truth and Justice for all.

As I sit here typing this the tears are running down my cheeks
as I love my country so much, and I hate seeing it war torn in the news media with nit picky things that mean nothing and our boys and women over there across the waters fighting for the freedoms of others. It is hard to imagine that some do not even support our troops.

I just wanted to remind everyone that we are one nation under God.
and it is how it should be. No white/no black/no color just good people in one belief that we together we stand or together we fall.

God bless all of you tonight.
Sal you are scawflaw just keep your negative opinions to yourself. praying for you.

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I'm getting a new tattoo….How long will it take?

Okay, so I’m lookin’ to get a new tattoo on my right arm. It’s gonna be the irish flag (for those who don’t know, three vertical boxes. from left to right, green, white, orange), this part will be around 3"x4". Underneath the flag will be a banner of about 1"x3" that reads "callahan". the banner itself will be a sort of faded brown and the lettering will be black and in old english style. What I want to know is, all things considered, how long would the process probably take? I don’t have the time to make an appointment and so just gotta get lucky as a walk-in. From the point that they sit me down to start tattooing, to the moment i walk out the door, about how long would that take (considering the dimensions, color, complexity, etc.)?

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What is the best month to go to six flags great adventure NJ?

What is the best month for the shortest lines to go to six flags. Of course would be going on a weekday, so sept/oct is out of the question as they are closed during the week.

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What has happened to our great nation?

This is not meant to start some kind of big war of the words on yanswers. I just want to know if any other americans feel this way. What has happened to our country? Remember right after 9/11, the flags were flying, americans of all races and religions were standing hand in hand in support of this county and our president. The star spangled banner brought a tear of pride to your eye. I love my country. I stand behind it no matter what. What happened to that? I mean if you hate american so much, then leave ya know? All anybody does anymore is bash the president and the government and the economy, its just ridiculous. I get offeneded when people say bad things about my home that I love. And no, I dont agree with the president or the government or any of it all the time, but its still MY country, and I SUPPORT IT!!! what happened to patriotism??
yeah to those who didnt see that part about "not trying to start a war of words" take a pill and chill out. To those who agree and even disagree with out being a name calling asshole. thanks, all opinions are appreciated, regardless if i agree with you or not.

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could some one try 2 help me with this song i think it starts off like this……. if not please help?

blowin in the breeze fillin me with proud attention banner in the sky o flag that i adore oooooo blue and red and white fill my eyes with tears my heart with delight my blue and red and white…….. thats all i know to the song could u help me with the rest…….thanks

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What did they sing before?

What was the anthem sang on flag raising ceremonies before the Star Spangled Banner was adopted?

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