Five Steps toward Securing a Cheap Home Loan

Five Steps toward Securing a Cheap Home Loan

Many consumers never realise that their past and current financial conditions can play a large part toward securing a cheap home loan. Here are six simple steps to consider and follow toward guiding any prospective borrower to secure a cheap home loan:

1)      Limit Borrowing

Planning successfully can help a consumer obtain a cheap home loan by not taking out any other ones prior to your search for a mortgage. This includes refraining from borrowing for an auto or other personal need when you realise you will soon be in the market for a housing loan. If paying on a specific auto or personal loan, consider paying these off before applying for a cheap home loan. Also, manage your credit card payments by keeping all minimum payments current. In fact, repaying greater than a monthly minimum is a good practice leading up to a time when seeking a cheap home loan. The goal is to refrain from being overly debt burdened when the time comes to secure a cheap home loan. Presence of a large amount of debt tends to weigh heavily when lenders decide what interest to assign to your loan request.

2)      Practice conservative banking activity six months prior to applying for a cheap home loan. Refrain from making a lot of deposits and withdrawals that lending institutions may require an explanation.  Also, refrain from making any large purchases, taking any expensive vacations or other major spending anomalies that could throw a red flag warning to the finance company. Maintaining a steady balance in your account with the required 15 to 20 percent down payment will show a potential lender you have been carefully planning for a home purchase before seeking a cheap home loan.

3)      Always make sure to declare all “other” income you receive whether passive or active. Passive income may be derived from rental properties or other income producing investments. Active income is that derived from any “activity” performed for compensation other than your normal salary from your full time job. If your part time employment activity is historically recurring, for example a teacher who also consistently makes money conducting after-school tutoring, then this has a positive impact when examined by lending institutions. Although any passive non-recurring income including interest income or capital gains will not have any loan-granting, decision-making impact, possession of securities, fixed deposits, LIC policies, etc. will secure your credibility as a “good-risk” borrower.

4)      Maintain a steady job prior to seeking a cheap home loan. Several job changes leading up to the time when seeking a cheap home loan will not add to your chances. Furthermore, switching from a steady pay check producing job to self employment may require a prospective borrower a greater amount of time spent as an entrepreneur to produce record detailing your individual profit success before a loan can be granted.

5)      Be prepared to have a co-applicant available in order to secure the best cheap home loan possible. This may be a requirement in the event a large amount loan is sought. You co-applicant needs to have stellar credit as well along with income requirements needed to make the necessary repayments for a loan of a considerable large amount.

Typically, when self employment has been for a short time, a loan guarantor may be required.

My Choice Finance is a Mortgage Broker providing cheap home loan at a very competitive rate. Whether you are an investor looking for investment loan or first home buyer, you should speak with our mortgage broker first for obligation free advice and let us do the hard work for you.

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Q & AVR MCU Series

Q & AVR MCU Series

Q: I want to use the Mega AVR microcontroller series, which microcontroller development tools support this?
A microcontroller in the AVR Mega series has a comprehensive assessment of development tools / programming board
ATMEL’s STK500 (980 yuan / set) starting kit is suitable for the development Atmega103 chip programmed on the chip is programmed by the system (ISP) interface to complete
ATMEL’s ATICE30 applicable to real-time simulation
C compiler:
All the C compilers are in the ATMEL web site about third-party tool vendors listed on the page; ATMEL Corporation on its Web site still offers many free software that they can be used to AVR microcontroller and analog compilation procedures are free to download the software, these products can also be ATMEL authorized regional distributors and sales agents to obtain.
Q: What are the support for the initial kit AVR
A STK100, SL-AVR, SL-OKAVR, SL-AVRL support the Tiny series MCU AVR
STK200, SL-AVR, SL-OKAVR, SL-AVRL support the AVR microcontroller family is AT90S
STK300, SL-AVR, SL-OKAVR, SL-AVRL also supports the Mega103 AVR microcontroller.
STK500, SL-AVR, SL-OKAVR, SL-AVRL also supports the Mega103 AVR microcontroller
All kits include start button LED indicator RS232 communication interface I / O ports located in the PCB board through edge connector plug kit can be used STK200/300 off-line programming ISP there is a cable that can be used to program the chip on the STK300 AVR also provides the AVR application builder can be used to generate peripheral initialization code
Q: Even if I sometimes do not use the watchdog in the AVR Studio debugger software, the status bar to see “WDT reset” WDT reset message Why is that? A when the target device is running at a higher frequency of greater than 6 MHZ) when Flat Cable FPC cable from the noise signals may trigger the error detection circuit which WDT reset procedure did not affect the simulation and implementation of the reasons they will not be generated due to noise, reset noise affects only the AVR Studio software debugging information processing in this case Do not ignore this information when the next target device is running at a lower frequency of less than or equal to 4 MHZ this problem should not occur when
Q: I just got a ICE 200 emulator using different chips and different time to run diagnostic programs while the other failed when they were all normal What is the reason?
A simulator at the ICE200 the first product is a firmware problem of the monitoring program this phenomenon led to this phenomenon can be upgraded to the new version of the monitoring program to fix when using version 2.02 or higher AVRStudio AVR Studio software will read check the firmware version and check if your ICE200 this issue need to upgrade it will guide you through the upgrade process the checks only in the loaded application can be executed when running diagnostic programs will not be activated when you first try to run the diagnostic program diagnostic procedures diagnosis emulator does not check the firmware version and may fail if you happen to have diagnosed this diagnosis should not ignore the failure of the application directly to the load then you will be able to upgrade the monitoring program ICE200 come back after the upgrade to run diagnostics the correct diagnosis should be all the (now sold ICE200 note has been no such problem)
Q: How do I check my version of AVR emulator?
A simulator is connected in time to open the AVR Studio program selection menu Help-> About-> Info to get your information AT90ICEPRO emulator version 1.20 and ATmegaICE in prior versions prior to 1.11 can not be AVR Studio software detected a newer version already has and can be freely downloaded from the Atmel website.
Q: The program or microcontroller emulator does not work, and in the emulator seems to work normal What is the reason?
A stack pointer is set to the common problems of all the AVR Microcontroller with SRAM stack pointer must be set to the last address in the SRAM
In the assembly program is right to do so
ldi R16 low (RAMEND) loading the low byte of the stack pointer to the R16
out SPL R16 output this value to the stack pointer register
ldi R16 high (RAMEND) loading the stack pointer high byte to the R16
out SPH R16 if the AVR’s SRAM is less than 256 bytes will comment out this line
In the C program stack pointer is set in the startup code of attention automatically linked file (XCL file) defines the location of the stack pointer, please refer to Application Note AVR032 —- C compiler linked file “
Q: Where can I find a complete AVR instruction set?
A set of instructions on Atmel’s web site Products-> AVR 8 bit RISC-> Datasheets the following website or directly page; <<AVR embedded high-speed Principles and Applications>> Appendix
3 AVR Instruction Fact Sheet
Q: When using the AVR microcontroller started a new project, the most common and what common problems?
A most common mistake is to forget the most common hardware stack of chips with no means to set the stack for the AT90S8515 MCU is proper to do so on
LDI R16 low (RAMEND)
LDI R16 high (RAMEND)
Note in the assembly language source program ATMEL often registers R16 to replace the sign with the temp
Another common mistake is to use the port as output ports in the AVR microcontroller forget to set the port as output to use is by writing a 1 to the data direction register (DDR) set the port to complete the example, the output high PORTB
LDI R16 0xFF hexadecimal FF to load register R16
OUT DDRB R16 set the port to use PORTB as output
OUT PORTB R16 set the port output high PORTB
When using the AVR assembler third common mistake is to load the program memory in use (LPM) program memory instruction points to the wrong address in the AVR’s program memory is organized into 16 bit words in the form of the LPM instruction is 8bit LPM instruction bytes read 16-bit word can be read high byte or low byte of any one of the reasons for this program must be 16-bit memory address into two points to the byte you want to load Address

Q: I used back in the AT90ICEPRO (Trace options very difficult to feel like every time Why not start back function?
A: Let us assume that you stop the simulation at the address at 0×20 set to start if you are the trigger back function address is the same address that the program is then re-0×20 0×20 arrive back before the function is invalid because it is the trigger conditions and breakpoint information AVR should be loaded before the command so despite the nucleus of the trigger conditions of instructions and the address 0×20 is loaded but before that the instructions in the AVR core has no effect if you set the trigger conditions for a program that has not reached the address should not be any problems
Q: Mega103/603 which microcontroller pins used for on-line programming (ISP)?
A Mega103/603 microcontroller pin interface for online programming, such as the following
SCK – SCK (PB1 pin 11)
MISO – PDO (PE1 pin 3)
MOSI – PDI (PE0 pin 2)
PEN (Program Enable) pin and RESET pin can select one of the two pins with the same features they are activated within the iRESET signal) but only in the PEN pin power (VCC about 1.2V) to be read PEN pin is not used to take if this pin is connected to VCC recommended for all other models are using the RESET pin AVR microcontroller to allow serial programming enabled
Q: I can not use the AVR emulator drive an external load correctly when I use the voltage meter to measure the pin on the emulator POD can not drive the load when the pin as if what is wrong?
A. This is the 1.21 version and 1.10 version of the MegaICE ICEPRPO a problem that can be used to upgrade the new version of the emulator software available from site products-> AVR 8bit RISC-> software download page
To upgrade the version to 1.22 version ICEPRPO Download UPGRD122.ZIP file
To upgrade to the 1.11 version MegaICE Download M111UPGR.ZIP file
These files are compressed files that it includes a new emulator for the program file and a PC program code PC program can be used to automatically check and update the simulation
Q: I used with the A / D converter MCU AVR microcontroller work is very good I like the speed of AVR, but I have a problem when I change the A / D converter if the input channel A / D converter to read The data is still on a channel, if I read the second time I get the correct value Why does this matter?
A A / D control and status registers ADCSR there are two bits are used to detect A / D conversion end of the transition when a new start conversion start control bit ADSC is used to test the readiness of whether the previous conversion Results are still being sent to A / D data register when the read A / D data register read is still the natural result of the previous conversion
Conversion in order to get the latest test results should be A / D interrupt flag bit ADIF or enable global interrupt and read in the interrupt service routine
Sample Code
ldi R16 1 Select Channel
out ADMUX R16
sbi ADCSR adif reset interrupt flag
sbi ADCSR adsc start A / D conversion
wait sbis ADCSR adif ADIF is set to wait until
rjmp wait
Q: When a file into the AVR STUDIO always use when it is the first time I used the paper work what is wrong?
A AVD file contains information about window settings and the current target file information is sometimes created by the AVR STUDIO AVD files may be damaged depending on the file appears damaged in different parts of the different phenomena when running AVR STUDIO strange problems arising in the course should first try to remove source code stored in a folder called avd file protection exhibition
Q: If AT90S2313 AVR microcontroller series, all less than 256 bytes of data memory and it can not access the external memory can ignore the XY and Z pointer high byte and only use the pointer to access the low byte of memory can be used?
A data memory registers in all I / O registers and SRAM less than 256 bytes when using the AVR microcontroller
LD / ST instruction when the CPU to access data memory pointer high byte will be ignored this time to allow the high byte of each pointer (R27, R29 and R31) for general purpose storage and pre-cut instructions from the increase (such as LD-Z Rd) does not affect the high byte of attention when using the Z pointer to access FLASH program memory and use ADIW / SBIW instruction will affect the use of the Z pointer high byte
Asked the IAR C compiler how to access the AVR internal EEPROM data memory
A is the AVR AVR internal EEPROM microcontroller I / O memory part of the I / O interface, the form of access can not be accessed using ordinary variables in the standard library routines IAR “ina90.h” macro defined in a special read Write EEPROM
EEPROM read and write the macro has the following prototype
_EEGET (VAR ADR) / * read from EERPOM address ADR values * /
_EEPUT (ADR VAL) / * write the address of VAL to EERPOM ADR *
IAR C compiler does not support the definition of the constants can not be generated in the EEPROM to the EEPROM data file initialization
Assembler with the AVR to do this is very easy to write the first definition of the constants in the code EEPROM
. Org 0×50
datatable:. db $ 01, $ 02, $ 03, $ 04, $ 05
dtableend:. db $ 00
When this code is compiled it produces a. EEP file This file can be downloaded to the microcontroller or MCU in the emulator. Org statement gives the address of the data Interpretation of this variable in the C series devices can be used _EEGET () and _EEPUT () to access
Q: I can not make MCU in power-down mode current consumption drops to the value of the data book how should I do?
A power-down mode is entered when the AVR I / O pins of the state should not change if you have some pins not connected to a three-state input and does not pull the level of these pins are floating and it may cause oscillation resulting in additional current consumption to address this issue should activate all unconnected input pin pull-up resistor that makes these pins have a clear logic level on the pin oscillation problem arising in the case of Open non-activity patterns of hibernation on unused pins is a good way to pull
Second, you then look at the wiring connected to the output pin load on any output pin will be extra consumption in power-down mode current
Q: I observed that my existing microcontrollers during power I / O port is active in my application there is a problem in the system once set I / O pin in the MCU can be a high Turn off the power and that the use of a resistor to the pin during power down in it sometimes still occurs when the power is turned on so high the system immediately shut down the system user appears to not work I guess if I replace the AVR there will be some of the same problem?
A synchronous reset most microcontrollers such as RESET is not yet fully complete MCU requires a certain number of valid clock during power up when the VCC to the start before the crystal oscillator power-on reset value is valid but does not affect I / O pin number and I / O pin is in a random state of AVR’s I / O port with reset is asynchronous and ensure that the power is in the process of AVR microcontroller into three states will be able to solve your problem
Q: how to deal with NC-pin AVR microcontroller empty pin?
Do not answer any circuit connected to the NC pin is NC pin reserved for future required
Q: AVR assembler how to define string constants in the
A string can be defined as constants in the FLASH memory or EEPROM data memory
For example, in a string constant defined in FLASH
fstring. db “This is a string in flash” 0×00
Specified in the EEPROM string constants:
eestring. db “This is a string in EEPROM” 0×00
Q: I am writing a large assembler program when I go to add a new line of characters in the file seems to disappear at the end how can I prevent this?
A: The assembler editor has 30K bytes of the file size limit if you want to overcome this limitation must be divided into several modules file and use “. Include” link there is a way to use other editors such as NotePad UltraEdit procedures, and command line mode work assembler (DOS version)
Q: AT90S8515 has 8KB of program memory as RJMP and RCALL instruction only in the context of 2K relative jump instruction set and this part of the JMP or CALL instruction I did not do to jump to all the program memory
A program memory is organized into 4Kx16 the form of so only 4K program memory address space in the assembler, select “Options>> Wrap Relative Jumps” option when the program memory will allow you to skip the boundaries of example, if you from $ FFE to make a relative jump $ 00A program counter will be increased by 12 and the border hidden program memory can only be used this feature of the MCU 8K 4K 16K microcontroller do not hide the border of SCM to use JUMP and CALL instructions.
Q: When I use the UART when the timer / counter can be used to generate any baud rate is?
A does not have a dedicated timer is used to generate the UART baud rate of all the timer / counter can be used for general purposes only
Q: How can AT90S1200 from the outside will wake up from Power-down mode?
A wake-up from Power-down mode AT90S1200 you must enable the external interrupt INT0 interrupt and is low in power-down mode when you go to sleep if the INT0 pin low when the hold time is greater than the internal RC oscillator 16384 AT90S1200 wake cycle will be the internal RC oscillator is used to delay the start until the MCU XTAL oscillator is stable reference AT90S1200 Data Book RC oscillator frequency is affected by the VCC voltage
Q: When I use the SBI and CBI instructions to set or clear the I / O port when a signal bit the same port will affect the other bits?
A microcontroller is not like most of the AVR microcontroller that allows you to safely operate 100% of I / O port signal level This also applies to the operation of the port in doubt refer to each I / O port of the three addresses
Q: Why does every I / O port has three addresses?
A. To enable you to create a 100% secure system to support real time AVR – modify – write I / O port if you want to read I / O pins of the physical-level read PIN when you want to change the output register when the read lock PORT to ensure correct data storage is written back to the port to ensure that all output has always been this way can give you the desired results without relying on the physical level pin this feature to save you for a copy of the safety system port the data into your memory of all this work when you use a lot of commands using SBI and CBI instructions to set / clear I / O port when the signal bit address must always use PORT
Q: Why is SBI and CBI instructions only on the $ 00 – $ 1F of the I / O registers to operate?
All AVR instructions A few exceptions are two-byte length which means that only 65,536 (64K) possible combinations to arrange the AVR instruction set, instruction set, when we take the specified number of compromises to the fullest possible Unlike the use of these combinations 64K CISC instruction can be a microcontroller, two, three or more bytes of the structure of the AVR instructions we can not achieve all of examples like this as an immediate address register and contains all 32 address 8-bit instructions and registers a constant need to address the need for other five all this instruction will occupy space in the 8K instruction mix in other words we can only be eight such instructions are no more instructions can be achieved if be a length of 17 instructions is not economical and convenient scheme will not be considered in the design process AVR instruction set to set up our righteousness we have heard a lot of construction of the C compiler expert advice on how to adjust their instruction set to accommodate the C compiler, a number of suggestions put forward as an example the compiler experts suggest that we brought into place for the immediate SBCI sacrifice ADDI instruction subtraction
Operating instructions for those missing the AVR is easy to prove that the code efficiency should be the realization that we have to find a command instructions and omitted a good way to compromise between
Q: Why now addressing instruction register R0-R15 can not work?
All AVR instructions A few exceptions are two-byte length which means that only 65,536 (64K) possible combinations to arrange the AVR instruction set, instruction set, when we take the specified number of compromises to the fullest possible Unlike the use of these combinations 64K CISC instruction can be a microcontroller, two, three or more bytes of the structure of the AVR instructions we can not achieve all of examples like this as an immediate address register and contains all 32 address 8-bit instructions and registers a constant need to address the need for other five all this instruction will occupy space in the 8K instruction mix in other words we can only be eight such instructions are no more instructions can be achieved while be a length of 17 instructions is not economical and convenient scheme will not be considered in the design process AVR instruction set we listened to a lot of set building meaning we turned to experts in their C compiler, instruction set on how to adjust to fit C compiler, a number of suggestions put forward as an example the compiler experts suggest that we brought into place for the immediate SBCI sacrifice ADDI instruction subtraction
Operating instructions for those missing the AVR is easy to prove that the code efficiency should be the realization that we have to find a command instructions and omitted a good way to compromise between
Q: Why did not EORI instruction?
All AVR instructions A few exceptions are two-byte length which means that only 65,536 (64K) possible combinations to arrange the AVR instruction set, instruction set, when we take the specified number of compromises to the fullest possible Unlike the use of these combinations 64K CISC instruction can be a microcontroller, two, three or more bytes of the structure of the AVR instructions we can not achieve all of examples like this as an immediate address register and contains all 32 address 8-bit instructions and registers a constant need to address the need for other five all this instruction will occupy space in the 8K instruction mix in other words we can only be eight such instructions are no more instructions can be achieved while be a length of 17 instructions is not economical and convenient scheme will not be considered in the design process AVR instruction set we listened to a lot of set building meaning we turned to experts in their C compiler, instruction set on how to adjust to fit C compiler, a number of suggestions put forward as an example the compiler experts suggest that we brought into place for the immediate SBCI sacrifice ADDI instruction subtraction
Operating instructions for those missing the AVR is easy to prove that the code efficiency should be the realization that we have to find a command instructions and omitted a good way to compromise between
Q: I use “sbr r30, 3″ instruction set in the register 30, bit D3 of the D3 bit does not work but if bit D0 and D1, the practice can be set where I have wrong?
A “SBR” can be used both in a register set number (like “CBR” can be used to clear the register at the same time a number of) command of the second parameter is not specified in the item number but the number of registers used and for logic or operations in this case, the contents of $ 03 and R30 resulting in a minimum-phase or two-bit bit to just set the D3 one should try the following methods
sbr r30 $ 08
sbr r30 0b00001000
sbr r30 (1 <<3)
The above three lines will have the same results you can choose to use one of your most used
Q: I am multi-tasking system, the interrupt flag in addition to other definitions I need to set and clear the flag should I do?
A register of each symbol with a symbol used to set
ldi flag 01
Or if you want to use the low registers (R0-R15) after reset to clear it and then
inc flag
To set the flag
When the check and clear the flag to do so
lsr flag to move the flag into the flag (flag cleared)
brne flag_was_set If the flag is set to jump
Like you, like all of the interrupt routine before exiting to restore the status register in this way is very safe
Q: How in the AT90S1200 in the constant table function?
A Comparison of the AT90S1200 no LPM instruction is an effective method of constant small table placed in the EEPROM in the address you can use the EEPROM data registers and EEPROM registers effectively, such as direct access to the constant table
. ESEG EEPROM section of the definition
. Db my_var00 = $ 45
. Db my_var01 = $ 4c
. Db my_var02 = $ 5f
. CSEG generic code definitions
If your table is not suitable for placement in the EEPROM in place like this you can in the FLASH
. Def tp = r16 table pointer table index
. Def output = r17 output table in constant
ldi output, $ 45
cpi tp, 01
breq end
ldi output, $ 4c
cpi tp, 02
breq end
ldi output, $ 5f
cpi tp, 03
breq end
In order to access the table element can be done 2
ldi tp 2
rcall table
When a subroutine return from the table “output” will include “$ 4c”
Q: In the absence of the case ADDI instruction how to register a constant number and the contents immediately add?
A simpler way is a minus a negative number to register the following code is the sum of R20 and 5 in the example of
subi r20 -5
Note that in this case in any case carry flag can not be used to detect if you have the constant overflow into another register, you can use the generic ADD instruction if the constant is 1 you can register using the INC instruction to increase the value of 16-bit The following addition is the same code is r17 r16 and the example of the sum of $ 0b3c
subi r16 low (- $ 0b3c) minus the low byte
sbci r17 high (- $ 0b3c) minus the high byte
Q: In order to achieve single-cycle instruction operation if the external clock frequency?
A MCU is not the real clock is used or not used clock frequency multiplier circuit
Q: AVR instruction cycle using a number of clock cycles?
A. There is only one clock cycle such as adding two numbers in the register is equal to the total execution time of the clock signal on XTAL1 pin is the negative half of the week plus a half weeks
Q: Why AT90S8515 8K, said the MCU?
A majority of CISC microcontroller instructions are variable length instructions by a single byte of some other instructions can also be composed of four bytes is the length of most of the AVR instruction is two bytes in length is four bytes so only a few CPU can not run at startup time just to read and interpret a byte code size benchmarks that we always compare the result and bytes on the 80C51 8K fill a C program certainly fit the AVR 8K
Q: Where can I find the data book?
A. You can selectively from the website you can download them from local distributors and ATMEL office data book you can get e-mail request to

Q: AVR MCU which add more than my current performance?
A very compact code, especially for C programs 4-10 times the speed programmable FLASH memory can be programmed in the system, embedded EEPROM memory chip can be programmed in the system with low power consumption


intelligent led driver, RX MCU

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Alex welcomes back to the show Max Keiser, a film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader. Keiser is the host of On the Edge, a program of news and analysis, and Keiser Report, a financial tabloid, that broadcasts on RT. Keiser formerly hosted The Oracle with Max Keiser on BBC World News. He invented Virtual Specialist Technology, a software system used by the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

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Start Posting Today with Clad Genius….

Start Posting Today with Clad Genius….

Many business owners, both online and offline, usually ask if there is a tool for Craigslist that they can use. Such questions arise because of the painful process of ad posting at Craigslist. Fortunately, a tool for Craigslist that can perform fully automated ad posting is now available. This is the Clad Genius software.
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Do You Really Need Craigslist?

If you think that Craigslist is unimportant for your business, then you have to seriously reconsider your point of view. Just consider the following facts:

1. Craigslist is the biggest online classified ads website and community to date.

2. Craigslist is consistently getting more than 20 billion page views per month.

3. Craigslist is the only classified ads website that belongs to the top 10 Alexa ranking with an average fifty million unique visitors per month coming from the United States alone.

4. Craigslist has the friendliest visitor interface on the planet because of its simplicity.

Considering the amount of online traffic that Craigslist generates, there is no doubt that it is one of the biggest marketplaces on the Internet today. The volume of people looking for products and services on the site makes it a very promising platform to expose your business to billions of consumers worldwide.

Why You Need a Tool for Craigslist?

You have to admit that submitting ads to online classified boards is quite a painful and time consuming process. First, you have to register with the site, search for the appropriate category, write your ad, and submit it to make it live on the Internet.

If you have a dozen or hundreds of products to promote, then the process of submitting classified ads can take a lot of your valuable time. That is why it is very critical for you to have an automated tool for Craigslist in order to simplify your marketing campaign.

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In fact, Clad Genius is so intelligent it can even bypass the CAPTCHA feature on Craigslist. Most importantly, you will be able to fully maximize the regional as well as country-based marketplaces in Craigslist because Clad Genius can auto create email addresses and provide different proxies for them. So you will not be flagged as a spammer. This protects your ads from being taken down from the listings.
So take advantage of Clad Genius now. It will be your reliable tool for Craigslist that works 24/7 and will not demand for a pay increase.

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Network Marketing Success–red Flags to Watch for When Choosing a Sponsor

Network Marketing Success–red Flags to Watch for When Choosing a Sponsor

When you start a Network Marketing business, your sponsor should be the person to teach you the ropes and teach you how to be successful.  Unfortunately, many people quit Network Marketing altogether because they don’t get the proper training.  Choosing a sponsor who shares your philosophy and values to help you on your journey to Network Marketing success is critical.  Here are some red flags that you should watch out for when choosing your sponsor.

Doesn’t ask you questions.  A good sponsor will ask questions to potential team members.  He or she will want to know a little about your background, why you’re interested in Network Marketing, and what you can bring to the team.  If your potential sponsor doesn’t ask you questions, that should be a red flag.  No questions means they’re willing to sponsor anybody with a heartbeat.  They’re more interested in signing you up than finding out if you will be a good fit for their team.  You will want to be selective about who you sponsor, and you want your sponsor to be selective as well.

Doesn’t connect with you.  You will be working closely with your sponsor, so it’s important to choose someone you connect with.  You don’t have to be the same age, gender, political affiliation, etc. with your sponsor.  But you do want to feel comfortable talking with them, asking questions, bouncing ideas off them, etc.  You need to feel a connection with them.

Tells you he or she will build your downline for you.  While a good Network Marketing plan encourages teamwork, a good sponsor would never tell someone that they don’t have to work.  Instead, a good sponsor will show you how to work and achieve the best results.  Someone who tells you they will build your downline for you is desperate and not someone you want as your sponsor.

Doesn’t know how to market the way you want to.  If you want to market online, you need to make sure you choose a sponsor who has had success marketing online.  If you would rather focus on calling leads, choose a sponsor who has been successful calling leads.  You will quickly become frustrated if you choose a sponsor who doesn’t know how to market the way you want to.  You will save yourself time and effort by choosing a sponsor who has experience doing what you want to do.

Megan Marshall is a successful Network Marketer and stay-at-home mom. For more on this and other Network Markting topics, visit

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Ihsaa basketball rule?

Is it against he rules for a fan to have a flag or banner in an Iowa boys basketball highschool game? Specifically in Scott county, Mac district? Please include reference :)

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Celebrate Texas Independence Day 2010 With Family And Films

Celebrate Texas Independence Day 2010 With Family And Films

Texas Independence Day celebrates the adoption of the state’s independence declaration. It is an annual legal holiday in Texas, in the United States, on March 2. March 2 also marks Texas Flag Day and Sam Houston Day, although these are special observances rather than legal holidays.
Texas’ flag, also known as the Lone Star flag, became the state’s official flag in 1839. © Romero

What do people do?

Texas Independence Day celebrations are held in many cities and towns throughout the state. The day is celebrated by festivals that include children’s activities, re-enactments, band music, and chili cook-offs. Other activities include story-telling sessions about how Texas won its independence from Mexico and became a republic during the 19th century.

Some state government workers may choose to have a day off on Texas Independence Day as it is a partial staffing day. Many schools have classroom lessons and activities about the Texas Declaration of Independence during this time of the year.

Public life

Texas Independence Day is a partial staffing day in Texas however state offices are scheduled to be open on partial staffing holidays. They will not be closed on another day when designated holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday.  Those travelling to places where festivals and large-scale celebrations are held may need to check with the relevant authorities about traffic and parking conditions in these areas.


Texas Independence Day commemorates the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836. This event marked Texas’ independence from Mexico. Sixty delegates from all over Texas signed the declaration. Its language in many ways parallels the 1776 Declaration of Independence of the United States, which is observed on Independence Day, also known as “the fourth of July”.

The Republic of Texas was annexed to the US by joint resolution of the US Congress nine years after the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed.  The US Congress then admitted Texas as a constituent state of the Union on December 29, 1845. Texas Independence Day is an official holiday in Texas. Sam Houston Day is also observed on March 2, marking the birthday of the man who led the Texans to victory over Mexican troops at the battle of San Jacinto.


Texas’ Lone Star flag became the state’s official flag on January 24, 1839. It consists of a rectangle with a width to length ratio of two to three featuring:

A blue vertical stripe one-third the entire length of the flag wide, and two equal horizontal stripes, the upper stripe white, the lower red, each two-thirds the entire length of the flag long.
A white, regular five-pointed star in the center of the blue stripe, oriented so that one point faces upward, and of such a size that the diameter of a circle passing through the five points of the star is equal to three-fourths the width of the blue stripe.

Texas has various symbols such as the Bluebonnet (state flower), the Northern Mockingbird (state bird), and the horned lizard (state reptile).

State historic sites include the Casa Navarro in San Antonio, Texas. It was the home of Tejano patriot Jose Antonio Navarro, who was influential in the fight for Texas’ independence. Another important site is the San Jacinto Monument in La Porte, Texas, which is built on the actual battleground where Texas won its independence from Mexico.

Note: The above-mentioned symbols and historic sites are only a few mentioned in this article. Texas has more symbols and historic sites throughout the state.

On March 2, 1836, Texas severed ties with Mexico and became a free and independent republic. It was a short-lived country: a little less than 10 years later Texas joined the Union. As any Texan will tell you, though, that streak of independence still runs strong and deep through our second-largest state. And that’s something to celebrate wherever you find it.

Step 1

Visit Washington-on-the-Brazos, where the Texas Independence Convention signed the Republic into being. It’s now a state park with state-of-the-art interactive exhibits open year round, with plenty of rousing events during the week of March 2.

Step 2

Travel to San Antonio and tour the Alamo.

Step 3

Watch “The Alamo” starring John Wayne as Davy Crockett.

Step 4

Throw a Happy Birthday Texas party. Suggest that guests come dressed as cowboys or Alamo freedom fighters; serve cowboy camp grub and Tex-Mex goodies, play songs about Texas and tell Texas jokes.

want more check this out

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Over Qualifying Leads to Many Lonley Nights

Over Qualifying Leads to Many Lonley Nights

Over qualifying leads to many lonely and sleepless nights plagued with what if questions and the possibility of what could’ve been. Life is too short to sit there waiting on the fence for the perfect woman to fall into your lap. Too many guys are looking for the woman who meets all of their qualifications and standards but unfortunately this girl doesn’t exists. From this illusion guys tend to over qualify and become too harsh on women in the beginning. It’s equivalent of women looking for Mr. Right and grilling every guy she meets while downstairs collects cobwebs.

Guys learn to qualify and have standards in order to pull away from the PUA phase and wanting to sleep with anything with a pulse. Once they have transcended that phase and learned to not use women to fill a hole inside of themselves, they can drop over qualifying. Its important and vital to learn to have a high standards but even more important to let it go.

The real qualifying comes when you are in a relationship with someone, NOT in the beginning phase of first meeting her. Have basic standards for women like an open heart, sense of humor and not too much pussy power. If a girl can handle a conversation with me and doesn’t bore me to tears I will sleep with her and get into a relationship. Whether she can meet my standards for a relationship will be found out soon enough.

The only real and important standard to have for a girl is how strong she is. ALL women have problems and you will never find the perfect girl simply because she doesn’t exist. You will need to train EVERY woman you fall into a relationship with. The real test is whether or not she is strong enough to handle the training.

My standards for a women are really high but only when she is in a relationship with me. She needs to be strong enough to face her fears, her ego, and everything else. She needs to be able to handle set backs and let downs and still come out swinging. Being in a relationship with me is not a walk in the park.

A girl who is strong like this is very rare but to know whether or not a girl is right for you comes from being in a relationship, this is the true test. Most people have fake social masks that they wear, especially women. After the initial high of first meeting someone fades their pain body will start to come out. This usually occurs after two to three weeks. After it fades you will know if she is strong and persistent enough to actually be in a relationship with you.

Guys over qualify and are too rough on women in the beginning stages for several reasons. The first reason for over qualifying is that they are scared. They use qualifying to cover up their real insecurities and fears. They wont admit this to themselves because the ego is very elusive and clever but the motivation for over qualifying is to push women away in order to avoid facing their fears.

The second motivating factor behind over qualifying is the illusion that the perfect girl is out there waiting for them. Lets face it, spanking is a pain in the ass. Until a girl is completely in the heart, training them is a 24 hour a day baby sitting job with many annoying experiences. Guys who overqualify have a desire to cut out some of this annoying process and I don’t blame them. They do it because they hold onto the no need to be trained imaginary women either because they don’t have the energy to do it or they are scared. Spanking and training women requires a lot of courage and some guys don’t have the courage to do it.

The thing that the “perfect women” guy doesn’t realize is that they aren’t perfect either. Their inner game isn’t as tight as they believe it to be. Real inner game growth comes not from just reading something but actually living and applying it. This practice comes from within a relationship, not being single. Spank mastery is a true art form and comes from experience, not just reading it.

The third reason for a guy will over qualify and become too harsh on women in the beginning is because he has yellow chakra issues with owning his own strength. They meet a girl that they are into and over spank in the beginning because they want to prove to themselves and the woman that they are strong and take no crap. This is based in fear so its not truly owning ones strength.

After you have found a woman who can handle being in a conversation with you, who is playful and fun and who isn’t a pussy power ranger, simply enjoy the women and your time with her. Don’t over analyze her every move to see if she qualifies. Don’t spank her for every little thing she does wrong. This will scare the women away and kind of freak her out. It doesn’t mean you are a walking door mat and take crap from her but it means let her imperfections go, you can take care of them later ; )

The initial stages of meeting a woman and dating her is meant to be a pleasurable experience. She will have massive amounts of attraction for you, so let her enjoy those feelings. Don’t go and ruin it by being too hard on her in the beginning. The feelings of attraction will be very high and she will soon become addicted to you. Once she is hooked and you have SLEPT with her THEN the training can begin.

Once you are in a relationship with her she will prove to you whether or not she is strong enough to handle you. In the relationship is where her true colors will shine and her strength tested.

Mistakes happen and are a natural part of life. Let your fears go of picking a wrong girl because there is no such thing as a wrong girl, only lessons to be learned. A brief moment of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness.


p.s: send ALL and ANY questions to [email protected]

“The time when you feel like you are not growing is the time when you grow the most”


I’m a brutally honest, heart centered, charismatic, take no shit, compassionate, loving, chakra meditating, self educated, female bisexual promoting, Relationship Sex and Dating Master, Truth Seeking, Natural born leader, spiritual warrior, passionate writer and teacher.

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Perks Pulling You in

Perks Pulling You in

On the hunt for your next or maybe it’s your first credit card? Before jumping in at the deep and accepting the first one that happens to fall on your door mat, consider what you want your card to do for you; after all it’s your credit so make it work in your favour!

Despite the credit quagmire that appears to have washed over the globe there are still vast numbers of companies vying for customers, especially on the credit card front. So date the companies, let them woo you with their wondrous offers before you decide who you want to commit to.

One of the attractive aspects of a credit card always appears in bold and is used to advertise a card’s credentials. These of course are the perks and all the pretty notions that go alongside them. Whether it’s air miles or charity contributions there will be a perk that will grab your attention and it is this that the card company relies on to reel you in as a customer. Perks however are never as clear cut as they first appear for in order to truly benefit from them you are tied into a number of clauses, one important one is that of paying your entire balance in full by the due date. Realistically speaking this is not an option for most people making use of their credit card, after all the whole point of taking a card out was to spread the payments, surely if you had the ability to pay in full you would have done so from the outset, no?

Another flaw of the heavily advertised perk system is the actual value of said perk, take air miles for instance, the more you spend the more miles you tally up, and when you cross a certain threshold you can exchange your miles for a real flight in real miles. have split the world into zones, zone 1 for example includes most UK destinations including Jersey, Amsterdam and Dublin and a flight to a destination in this zone will cost 750 air miles. In real money terms, you would need to spend a whopping £37,500 before you would be able to trade your money miles into real miles! Considering that is well above the average UK salary the likelihood of ever utilising this perk is slim to none!

So if you did want to fly to Edinburgh which rests comfortable in zone 1 BA need only give you a week’s notice to fly on a Friday and return the following Monday, safe to say you will be travelling economy class. When you price-up such a trip you will note that it would only cost you £94, a miniscule amount in comparison to the £37,500. That said if you are already an international connoisseur and spend most of your money abroad then you will only need to spend a meagre £18,750! Considering the air mile accumulation scheme is amongst the most popular of the credit card perk you can see that it serves to benefit only the lender as you the individual are highly unlikely to ever take advantage of it. sad to say the very perk that pulled you in has proved to be pointless.

Interestingly UK inhabitants readily exercise caution, if it sounds too good to be true most people will sniff and then run a mile however when it comes to money-matters all caution is thrown to the wind and people suddenly believe you can get something for nothing! With that in mind before you sign on the dotted line make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons, after all if you are given credit you WILL spend it, regardless of whether the perk comes to fruition or not.

Onome is an author of several articles pertaining to Credit Cards. She is known for her expertise on the subject and on other Business and Finance related articles.

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In The Middle lyrics I meant it all and every part And every word right from the start I’ll never let this love fall in the middle ‘Cause you know you broke the hardest part You know you broke the hardest heart I’ll never let this love fall in the middle Through it all Fifteen years old in a sea of blank faces Swimming bold against a stream that’s mocking as it races In these halls, mountain high under a tangerine sky Crack a smile just to hide the race that’s inside Eighteen years old bags packed and a pass for the rail One last look at the past as it drowns in the hail One in a million, still I keep feeling you keep me from a fall A world to lose coming back with you tall Through it all [chorus] No parachutes or safety nets here One foot in the water to face these fears Coming out strong like I can’t be wrong I said eh, I won’t fall in the middle Twenty five here I am with freshman LPs One life to write one, two years to repeat Behind a curtain, uncertain if an encore’s in store Tuck my shoulder like a soldier to knock down the door Thirty something here I am running with kisses for one girl These scars upon my sleeve still casting out my pearls Throw each stone microphone like it’s my last turn With a kiss to the abyss and watch the ripples return Through it all [chorus] And I’m gonna be alright, I’m gonna be alright With you by my side And I said I’m gonna be alright, I’m gonna be alright With you through this fight Through it all [chorus] I meant it all and every

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Article 306: Handala and the Cartoons of Naji al-Ali, By: Dr. Fayeq Oweis ? Part II

Article 306: Handala and the Cartoons of Naji al-Ali, By: Dr. Fayeq Oweis ? Part II

 Posted By Hasan A. Yahya, Ph.Ds- Dryahyatv from USA.

The traditional sayings “A picture is worth a thousand words” and “A pen is mightier than a sword” need to be re-interpreted when dealing with the cartoons of Naji al-Ali. When words are forbidden and censored, then the picture, composed of simple black and white lines, is worth much more.  In terms of the pen and the sword, the saying should be “A pen is mightier than a bullet.”  In this case, a bullet assassinated one of the most gifted and dedicated artists who only fought with his pen.

The cartoons of Naji al-Ali were not intended for entertainment or as comic strips in a newspaper to make the reader laugh.  They were political cartoons that were a mixture of fine arts, editorials, and political messages. Often, an artist’s role in society is to deliver a concept or a message, and to influence the viewer.  Naji al-Ali was no exception.  His cartoons conveyed messages that compelled the viewer take a stand with the forces for good and in support of the oppressed.  Naji al-Ali’s cartoons were very simple, clear, and to the point.  They were the voice of ordinary people. He avoided complicated messages regardless of the complexity of the subject or the idea of his cartoon. Naji al-Ali presented the issue of Palestine with a clear message condemning the occupation, corruption, human rights abuses, and the lack of freedom of expression and democracy in the Arab World.

Naji al-Ali’s cartoons were like a play taking place on a stage available only on the back page of a newspaper. This back page became the first page for millions of ordinary people who looked to his cartoons as expressions of their own voice. Al-Ali created a cast of characters who would reappear in different settings.  He rarely drew or satirized actual characters as do most cartoonists, but instead used his own characters: Handala (the little spectator boy), al-Zalama (the good man), Fatima (the good woman), and the Evil Man.   Throughout his artistic career of over 30 years, these characters remained constant in their values.  The good man remained the good man regardless of his role or identity.  Fatima, the good woman, also retained her role, whether she was a wife, a mother, or a freedom fighter. Handala was a special character with a pointed symbolism that had a major role in the al-Ali’s cartoons.

Naji al-Ali was first and foremost a political cartoonist and his central issue of concern was Palestine.  Around this focal point, he introduced other issues such as resistance, democracy, human rights, fighting corruption, and Arab unity.  His cartoons were full of hopes, dreams, and a vision for a better life for the Palestinians in particular and for the Arab people in general.  His cartoons were made for the ordinary Arab person, whether highly educated or illiterate. They were the voices of the poor, the oppressed, the dispossessed, the refugee, and the occupied, and of those people who, in his words “did not have a voice.” 

At a young age, Naji al-Ali found himself in a refugee camp after being forced to leave his Palestinian homeland.  The loss of Palestine for him and for millions of Palestinians was the main topic and the focal point of his cartoons. He repeatedly confirmed his commitment to the liberation of Palestine, to the return to the homeland, and to resistance in order to achieve the goals of freedom and democracy.  He did not perceive the issue of Palestine to be of concern to the Palestinians alone, but felt it was of importance to the whole Arab world.  He saw in the unity of the Arab people, in democracy, and in the affirmation of human rights vehicles for the liberation of Palestine.   When he demanded the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, he demanded the release of political prisoners from Arab jails.  He returned to the theme of the suppression of democracy constantly in his cartoons, represented in the form of an official newspaper headline, or by a reader whose tongue has been cut and bandaged or a writer composing his will because he dared to write about democracy.   

 Characters in Naji al-Ali’s Cartoons: The major characters in Naji al-Ali’s cartoons are Fatima, al-Zalama, the Evil Man, and Handala. 

Fatima: The Good Woman:The role of women in al-Ali’s cartoons is represented by his character, Fatima, drawn with simple and sharp lines and with beautiful features.  Fatima plays a primary role in the majority of the cartoons, and is always the good woman, whether she is the wife, the mother or the freedom fighter.  She is seen side-by-side with the good man, preparing his rifle, protecting him, or keeping him on the right track, or even taking a stand to correct his views and actions.  Fatima is also the one who disciplines those who betray the revolution and the resistance. She is used as a symbol for the homeland, for the people, and for the refugee camp.  Fatima is a sad woman who has lost a husband, a son, or a brother as martyrs.  Fatima represents not only the Palestinian woman; she also stands for Palestine as a whole: the land and the people. She is also the symbol of Ein al-Hilwah and other refugee camps. She is the resistance, the revolution and the intifada.  She is also sometimes Lebanese and Lebanon itself. In the depiction of Fatima as Beirut during the Israeli invasion of 1982, she opens her arms to greet a solider with her breasts that become daggers killing that solider.  Fatima also represents Egypt, opposing the Camp David accords and the raising of Israeli flags in the heart of the Arab land.  She is the symbol of love, peace, struggle, sacrifice, and suffering.  She wears a beautiful embroidered dress and has the key of her house in Palestine still hanging around her neck.  She is the intifada in the form of a pregnant woman in the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.  Fatima is a tree with deep roots and is willing to have more children who can throw rocks at both the occupation and the evil forces.  As her husband declares in an interview with the foreign press:  “Fatima is better than a thousand men of those who just talk.” In al-Ali’s cartoons, Fatima’s role is not limited to being the mother or a symbol of fertility—it goes well beyond that. She participates in the dialogue and is part of the decision-making and the determination.

References and Resources:

Al-Asadi, Abdu and Tadmuri, Kholud. A Study in the Creativity of Naji al-Ali [in Arabic]. Dar il-Kunuuz al-Adabiyya, Beirut, Lebanon: 1994

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Kallam, Mahmoud Abdallah. Naji al-Ali, The Whole of Palestine: That is why they killed me [in Arabic] Bisan Publishing, Beirut, Lebanon: 2001

Web sites:

Professor, Dr. Hasan A. Yahya is an Arab American writer, scholar, and professor of Sociology lives in the United States of America,  originally from Palestine. He graduated from Michigan State University with  2 Ph.d degrees. He published 65 books plus , and 250 plus articles on sociology, religion, psychology, politics, poetry, and short stories. Philosophically, his writings concern logic, justice and human rights worldwide. Dr. Yahya is the author of Crescentologism: The Moon Theory,  and  Islam Finds its Way, on Amazon. He’s an expert on Race Relations, Arab and Islamic cultures, he is also, interested in religion, world affairs and  global strategic planning for justice and human rights.

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Planning For The Time to Come

Planning For The Time to Come

If you could have a bricks and mortar enterprise, having a webpage is vital. It is usually all the better if you’re able to provide illustrated maps to display potential customers exactly where to locate you. Using a road plan and many map illustrations, it’s always painless to do this.

There is the excellent collection of on the net applications that permit you to develop custom maps. Any beneficial cartography illustrator plan can permit you to definitely build a map that demonstrates not simply a geographical location but also sites of precise interest.

Any beneficial map can permit the individual looking at it to get the concept of the place and identify their way by comparison and by location. Using lots of on line applications offered can certainly assist to place the final touches to a internet page.

Map making software is very adaptable and can let you to build a map that fulfils your needs. Regardless of whether you happen to be searching to flag up street names, architectural illustrations or anything else, it’s less complicated with the best program.

It is usually also workable to produce overview maps which can provide you with several concepts of the way the place looks from above. Or you can produce panoramic maps which demonstrate the place from the opinion of someone who is standing in it. In addition, you possibly can produce campus maps for first time enrollees.

If you happen to be searching to build a campus illustrated map to display a new student exactly where the crucial university areas are, then the best map producing application can make your endeavor a lot simpler.

You can find lots of uses for map producing program, from the practical to the creative – including working with it to make cityscape art. You can actually exhibit unique areas from a unique point of view and build a delightful bit of art.

City Maps Illustration can certainly help you personalize a current map by adding to and removing from it to display precisely what you ought to demonstrate and nothing extra. This is highly worthwhile for all consumers.

Our collection of cityscape art is very useful. See our map illustration section to learn more.

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