How does the six flags Coke can discount work for 2011 ?

Im going to six flags magic mountain this week and heard about the discount where you take a coke can. Does the can have to be specially marked or can it be any can?

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How much does the slingshot cost at Six Flags GREAT ADVENTURE?

Not great america or any of the other six flags. I’m planning on going in a few days and want to know how much extra money to bring.

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How is six flags compared to a cell?

I’m doing this project for my biology class and i’m kinda stuck on the nucleus and the ribosomes. If compared to six flags, the nucleus is like the owner of 6 flags right? If yes then can someone please tell me who the owner is cause i’ve research it so many times but i still don’t know who’s the owner is. And the ribosomes represents the worker right?

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I got a Tattoo idea and i need some feedback.?

I was getting a tattoo pretty soon but like most people, it is hard to know what to get. I love racing and I love America, so do you think I should get a checkered flag American flag cross. Is that original or not really. Thoughts on it.

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On average at Pocono including pit stops but excluding cautions, how many times does a driver push his brake?

… pedal between Green flag and checkered flag?

There you go : )

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How to put decals on my montecarlo 2001?

yes i want to put decal checkered flag on my montecarlo 2001

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Where can I buy a black and white checkered bra> like a racing flag. I dont want a bikini top, a bra.?

No sports bras, No swimming suit tops. an actual Bra.

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Which one of the following statements is true for spell checkers?

A. Spell checker dictionaries are typically larger than conventional dictionaries.
B. Spell checker dictionaries include proper nouns.
C. A word you know to be correctly spelled may be flagged as misspelled.
D. Most spell checkers flag inappropriate word usage.

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Is GPS Tom Tom "arriving at destination" marked with a "black & white checkered flag like Garmin is?

I am going to get a GPS & my 4 y/o son is obsessed w/ the ‘black n white’ checkered flag at the end of the route on my friends Garmin…the unit I am looking at is a Tom Tom & I was just wondering if they also use the "black & white" checkered flag when arriving at your destination???

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Who's your pick to take the checkered flag Sunday in Michigan?


God Bless!

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