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Planning a vacation to the lone star state is full of excitement and fulfillment. Texas has so much to offer throughout this friendly, enticing state. Texas products are abundant throughout the state. You cannot leave without taking a little piece of Texas with you. Texas products vary from food, to spices, to unique and interesting clothing and art.

Texas is known for being spicy! Texas gifts often include the ever famous Jalapeno Salsa. This tongue tantalizing condiment comes in a variety of flavors and various degrees of heat, from mild, medium, to fire, it’s sure to satisfy even the pickiest salsa connoisseurs! Texas is also full of scrumptious jams and jellies, of course adding that unique Texas twist to it. Flavors include cactus jelly, cranberry and raspberry habanero jelly, and the unusual Texas beer jelly! These traditional jellies are full of interesting flavors, sure to make great Texas gifts for yourself or a friend/family member.

Many people visit Texas simply to pick up Texas candy, filled with the famous Texas pecans! Texas has some of the most interesting treats throughout the country. The most famous is good old fashion chocolates filled with Texas pecans. If you are looking for something a little more interesting, check out the “rattlesnake egg” jellybeans or the colorfully named “Amarillo droppings”.

Texas is full of beautiful and unusual arts and crafts. Texas is especially known for their metal art. Made from high craftsmanship, Texas metal art adorns houses and businesses alike. “Welcome” signs hang on many doors throughout the state, decorated with the historical cowboy, the rustic Texas lone star, or the most famous of them all, the “God Bless Texas” state symbol.

You cannot pass a gift shop without seeing the pride of Texas, a Texas longhorn shirt which symbolizes the tradition of the University of Texas spirit! Longhorn shirts, hats, gloves, and accessories are prevalent throughout the state. Of course, the University of Texas, like all schools, has the ever famous rivals, the Texas Aggies! Heading east from the capitol of Texas, maroon and white begins to overtake the burnt orange of the University of Texas. Texas A&M University also offers their fair share of traditional Texas gifts!

The Texas state flower is the bluebonnet! These vivid flowers line the roads and country sides throughout the massive state. You cannot leave this gorgeous state without picking up a bluebonnet souvenir. One of the most popular bluebonnet gifts is the framed flower itself. Dried, or painted on a trivet, tile, or simply framed, this flower will bring back memorable moments from your time in Texas.

With all Texas has to offer, don’t forget to pick up a Texas souvenir to remind yourself of one of the most memorable and historic places throughout the U.S!

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