Need Some Tips On Making Up With My Boyfriend

Need Some Tips On Making Up With My Boyfriend

When making up with my boyfriend I tried to remember these tips that my older and wiser friend had given me.  

Myself and my ex got back together so I hope they work for you too.

1) Men don’t like chit chat: Generally speaking men don’t like to talk in depth about their feelings and  forcing the issue will just cause them to clam up even more. So when you are trying to get back together, don’t force him to analyze what went wrong. If he behaved badly but is willing to apologize, accept it and move on.  

2) Men can only concentrate on one thing at a time.  This is really true so don’t try and fight it. Very few  men can multitask and it is their genetics that are to blame so shouting at him is pointless.  The sooner  you accept that your man cannot listen to you while reading his newspaper or watching TV the better. Most of the time, he is not ignoring you on purpose. The more you try to understand that this is the way he is programmed the less arguments you will have.

3) Men like toys. The joke is that men never grow up and show it by still playing with toys.  Most men love to build things and start DIY jobs. Not all of them like to finish these jobs which can cause problems at home. Let your man indulge his hobbies, within reason. You can spend time with your girlfriends while he is fishing or building a boat. By compromising like this, he will probably be much more willing to spend time with you doing things together that you both enjoy.

4) Don’t assume that your man knows that you want to make up with him. Men in general tend to be a bit slow in picking up signals especially about relationships. For this reason, you sometimes need to be very direct  and tell them exactly how you feel. Men don’t like games unless they understand the rules like in Golf or Chess. Us women change the rules on dating more often than men change their shirts so we need to give them a break if they get a little confused.  

5) Have you heard the joke – “Why does it take loads of sperm to fertilize one egg?  Because they refuse to  stop for directions!”  I know the men in my life would prefer to get lost, than admit defeat and stop to ask for directions.  Generally men find it very hard to admit they are wrong. If you question what they say, they can believe you are implying they have done something wrong.  This can cause problems in modern relationships as women are so used to being the boss at work and giving others directions.  

I am not suggesting that women have to become door mats or defer to their partners. But a little understanding of genetics goes a long way to help resolve the question of making up with my boyfriend. Here’s a great book I recommend to all my readers who are serious about reconciling with there ex’s after a breakup. It goes into great detail, about the necessary steps needed to take to get your ex lover back, and goes into very good detail about reconciling with your ex. It’s a must read for relationship problems, and comes highly recommended by me, check it out here!

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