Over Qualifying Leads to Many Lonley Nights

Over qualifying leads to many lonely and sleepless nights plagued with what if questions and the possibility of what could’ve been. Life is too short to sit there waiting on the fence for the perfect woman to fall into your lap. Too many guys are looking for the woman who meets all of their qualifications and standards but unfortunately this girl doesn’t exists. From this illusion guys tend to over qualify and become too harsh on women in the beginning. It’s equivalent of women looking for Mr. Right and grilling every guy she meets while downstairs collects cobwebs.

Guys learn to qualify and have standards in order to pull away from the PUA phase and wanting to sleep with anything with a pulse. Once they have transcended that phase and learned to not use women to fill a hole inside of themselves, they can drop over qualifying. Its important and vital to learn to have a high standards but even more important to let it go.

The real qualifying comes when you are in a relationship with someone, NOT in the beginning phase of first meeting her. Have basic standards for women like an open heart, sense of humor and not too much pussy power. If a girl can handle a conversation with me and doesn’t bore me to tears I will sleep with her and get into a relationship. Whether she can meet my standards for a relationship will be found out soon enough.

The only real and important standard to have for a girl is how strong she is. ALL women have problems and you will never find the perfect girl simply because she doesn’t exist. You will need to train EVERY woman you fall into a relationship with. The real test is whether or not she is strong enough to handle the training.

My standards for a women are really high but only when she is in a relationship with me. She needs to be strong enough to face her fears, her ego, and everything else. She needs to be able to handle set backs and let downs and still come out swinging. Being in a relationship with me is not a walk in the park.

A girl who is strong like this is very rare but to know whether or not a girl is right for you comes from being in a relationship, this is the true test. Most people have fake social masks that they wear, especially women. After the initial high of first meeting someone fades their pain body will start to come out. This usually occurs after two to three weeks. After it fades you will know if she is strong and persistent enough to actually be in a relationship with you.

Guys over qualify and are too rough on women in the beginning stages for several reasons. The first reason for over qualifying is that they are scared. They use qualifying to cover up their real insecurities and fears. They wont admit this to themselves because the ego is very elusive and clever but the motivation for over qualifying is to push women away in order to avoid facing their fears.

The second motivating factor behind over qualifying is the illusion that the perfect girl is out there waiting for them. Lets face it, spanking is a pain in the ass. Until a girl is completely in the heart, training them is a 24 hour a day baby sitting job with many annoying experiences. Guys who overqualify have a desire to cut out some of this annoying process and I don’t blame them. They do it because they hold onto the no need to be trained imaginary women either because they don’t have the energy to do it or they are scared. Spanking and training women requires a lot of courage and some guys don’t have the courage to do it.

The thing that the “perfect women” guy doesn’t realize is that they aren’t perfect either. Their inner game isn’t as tight as they believe it to be. Real inner game growth comes not from just reading something but actually living and applying it. This practice comes from within a relationship, not being single. Spank mastery is a true art form and comes from experience, not just reading it.

The third reason for a guy will over qualify and become too harsh on women in the beginning is because he has yellow chakra issues with owning his own strength. They meet a girl that they are into and over spank in the beginning because they want to prove to themselves and the woman that they are strong and take no crap. This is based in fear so its not truly owning ones strength.

After you have found a woman who can handle being in a conversation with you, who is playful and fun and who isn’t a pussy power ranger, simply enjoy the women and your time with her. Don’t over analyze her every move to see if she qualifies. Don’t spank her for every little thing she does wrong. This will scare the women away and kind of freak her out. It doesn’t mean you are a walking door mat and take crap from her but it means let her imperfections go, you can take care of them later ; )

The initial stages of meeting a woman and dating her is meant to be a pleasurable experience. She will have massive amounts of attraction for you, so let her enjoy those feelings. Don’t go and ruin it by being too hard on her in the beginning. The feelings of attraction will be very high and she will soon become addicted to you. Once she is hooked and you have SLEPT with her THEN the training can begin.

Once you are in a relationship with her she will prove to you whether or not she is strong enough to handle you. In the relationship is where her true colors will shine and her strength tested.

Mistakes happen and are a natural part of life. Let your fears go of picking a wrong girl because there is no such thing as a wrong girl, only lessons to be learned. A brief moment of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness.


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“The time when you feel like you are not growing is the time when you grow the most”


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