What is really behind the Ground Zero Mosque

What is Really Behind the Ground Zero Mosque

By; John Kenney

Sarah Palin made the statement “Afghanistan is Omaba’s war “.  It sounded like another “I can see Russia from my house” moment but was it? If you have read Charlie Wilson’s War you would know Afghanistan has always been the democrats war. It is by far the best book written on the inner workings of not only the politics of war but the CIA and the State Departments machinations behind the scenes. The United States, in order to defeat Russia, bought arms from Egypt, gave them to Pakistan, and armed the Mujahideem to fight Russia. Pakistan loved the money and arms supply, the Taliban loved their new country, the State Department loved the humiliation of Russia and everyone was supposed to live happily ever after. It just didn’t work out.
After 9-11 the Afghanistan problem couldn’t be ignored any longer. Armed with weapons supplied during the Russian war and a new sophistication the Taliban and AL-Qaeda turned against the United Sates and the United States was forced to go back and undo what was done. No easy task. This was the war that everyone supported, Republicans and Democrats alike.  Looking back at the Clinton administration and his response to terrorist attacks one would wonder why all of the sudden the change of heart. Was it 9-11? I am sure this had a lot to do with it but also this was Charlie war and Charlie was a good friend of John Murtha and they put a lot into Afghanistan, they did it before and they would do it again.
Roll forward to 2010, Barack Obama is in the white house, the left doesn’t like the war and is pressuring him to get out and get out fast. That’s expected but what is worse is the right is tiring of the war and undercurrents are showing support is waning. Americans are starting to think that maybe the threat is not as bad as they are led to believe, with only lone nut cases attempting attacks maybe this is something that can be controlled more internally than externally. Maybe its time to get out of these conflicts and get back to fixing our country. Enter the ground zero mosque.
Out of nowhere the country is once again forced to take a look at Islam. In a country with less than one percent Muslim population we are forced to confront our inner fears and guilt. We are put in the uncomfortable situation to take a stand we never asked for and that we would rather avoid. A mosque anywhere near ground zero is a in your face, what are you going to do about it statement. It is a stick poking the sleeping bear and that’s just what it is supposed to be. How else can we keep Charlie’s war going?
This has to be one of the best propaganda tools ever. Look at the results. America is reminded how evil Islam is. They would even build a monument of victory right at the site of the largest terror attack in American History. Then news can go around the world that America hates Muslims and will not allow mosques to be built. This in turn will show Muslims around the world just how evil America is. The ensuing riots and flag burnings and threats to our troops will show just how evil America is  If this wasn’t  enough then take some obscure person in the middle of nowhere and threaten to burn a few books and make that international news. What just happened? We took a unpopular war and made it popular again.
Yesterday the President weighted in again and reminded us we are not fighting Muslims but terrorist, radial Muslims. This allows him to take both sides of the issue but still keep the war going, still save face. Unfortunately for him everything seems to be going against him and its starting to take its toll. All the old tricks aren’t working and this one won’t either. The veil is just a little to thin and Americans are starting to see inside and they don’t like what they see.
This may seem a little far fetched and it is one of those things that could never see the light of day but there are just some things that can’t be hidden. The Imam behind the mosque was known inside the Bush White House and the present administration. He went on a overseas trip paid for by the state department.  This may come as a shock but the State Department is not the office of the international good will. They are the unarmed military of the United Sates, the propaganda overseers. They do their job well.
The headline news for over a week is the burning of the Korans. Others will burn Korans and this will not make news, just the one instance. Somehow this news made it to Afghanistan, where riots ensued, and back to the United States overnight. Here in a country where they thought the Americans were still the Russians in may parts of the country. It is amazing how good the news media is when they have their agenda to push.
Another strange thing about this is where did the money come from. I am sure this is a easy track to cover but I am suspicious. Did the State Department or some covert operation supply the money? (I didn’t just say that). Just remember, these guys are good, real good.
How will this end? We can only wait and see. My guess is when the crisis is of no more value a period will be put on it. If I had to guess I would say this. The government will purchase the property at four times its value (damn you Donald Trump), they will be given a more valuable track of land to build a mosque and everyone will sing Cum By Yah. But like I said, nothing has been working well for this president. We are on to the tricks.

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